Certification Course

Certification Course

178 students

Thank you for your interest in the Donor Recruiter Education and Certification Program.

Below you will find the enroll button to the 12 modules that comprise this educational series.

After each module you will be asked to complete a series of multiple-choice questions relating to the material covered. In order to pass each module, it is necessary to obtain a mark of 100%. However, you are permitted to make as many attempts as required so, if unsuccessful at first, please do go back and re-familiarize yourself with content before trying again. Once all modules and questions have been completed, we will email you a personalized PDF certificate. You may wish to print this and display as a recognition of your achievement.

Be aware, each video has audio and visual slides, so make sure you have audio enabled and also that the video is played on a reasonable clear display or mobile device, so key text and information can be viewed clearly. The slides progress at the speed of the narration, which may not allow time to read all the information on a slide. You may wish to pause the video occasionally to take in this detail.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact info@globalbloodfund.org

We hope you find access to this content both interesting and valuable.

The GBF team