Topics Covered - 12 Modules

Module 1
- Foundation Knowledge
Module 2
- Understanding Donors and Donation
Module 3
- Transfusion Transmissible Infections and Donor Counseling
Module 4
- Overview of Donor Education, Motivation and Retention
Module 5
- Communications and Marketing
Module 6
- Public Relations and Community Engagement

Module 7
- Youth Donor Recruitment and Retention
Module 8
- Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting
Module 9
- Operational Excellence as a Driver of Repeat Donation
Module 10
- General Administration of the Donor Recruitment Unit
Module 11
- Monitoring and Evaluation
Module 12
- Research for Evidence-Based Practice

Option 1 - Education Pathway

Selecting this pathway will give you free access to the 12 half-hour modules that comprise this educational series. You can watch as many or as few as you wish, as many times as you like. There is no exam or certificate component but you can, if you would like, register for this route once you have sampled content.

Option 2 - Certification Pathway

Selecting this pathway will give you free access to the same educational content, but with the addition of a multiple-choice exam to be taken after you have watched each module. A certificate of achievement will be awarded for successful completion of the series.