Volunteer blood donors are the cornerstone of a nation’s safe and sufficient blood supply. But many countries, especially in poorly resourced settings, struggle to recruit and retain sufficient donors to meet patient needs. This problem is exacerbated by a shortage of suitable training resources and access to information on global recruitment best-practice. 

This free educational series aims to impart the knowledge and skills that will help address this challenge. Written by a team of expert practitioners from across Africa, the 12 half-hour narrated modules will take learners on a journey through the many aspects of practice that need to be mastered to recruit donors successfully and – crucially – to manage them effectively and keep them donating, year after year.

Some topics are core, others have been selected because an understanding of the context in which recruitment takes place makes for a more rounded donor recruitment professional. It has been produced primarily for an African audience, but most of the lessons are universally applicable.

The series can be approached in two ways. The first is for education or interest only, with no certificate component. You can watch all modules, or just those of most interest. Alternatively, learners can register for the certification pathway. This route gives access to the same content but attached to each module is an exam component to check understanding. Successful completion for all modules leads to the award of a personalized certificate that can be printed locally to evidence this achievement.

Whichever pathway you choose, we hope you will find the content stimulating. Those charged with recruiting, retaining and managing donors do an incredibly important job. We hope this education series will help you save even more lives.